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Trip to the Huelva area 2016

Day 1 - we made a brief stop at a bodega, to sample the wares, before visiting El Rocío, the site of perhaps the biggest pilgrimage in Spain

Day 2 - this was the highlight of the trip; a visit to the Rio Tinto mines.

We visited the very comprehensive museum and a small, recently abandoned open-cast mine, before taking a train ride along the banks of the Rio Tinto itself.

Day 3 - we visited the small town of Niebla, which has a very large castle. Then we went to Palos, which was the base for Christopher Columbus when he was getting ready to go voyaging.

Day 4 - we visited the city of Seville and had a boat ride on the river.

Of course it would not be a ´bugs trip without a show one evening!

You can select individual slide shows that may be of interest by clicking on the links, or click here to go to the first one and follow them through in order.