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November 2020

Instant voting

1st. Nao Victoria. Woolwich Tall Ships Fireworks Dave Tyrell

2nd. Sunset Ilam, Dovedale 2020 Jim McCartan

3rd. Asturias Sunset 2020 Dave Tyrell

4th. Fish Cleaning. The Gambia Dave Tyrell

5th. Eye to Eye Neville Nicholson

6th. Vulture landing 2020 Tony Martin

7th. Look at me La La La 2020 Angela Power

7th. Ruffff 2020 Angela Power

7th. Streams & Greens & Autumn Leaves 2020 Angela Power

8th. Clifton Suspension bridge 2020 Jim McCartan

8th. Japanese Garden 2020 Jim McCartan

9th. Ferrari number 16 Alan Pinder

10th. Cuevas Tesoro, Rincon 2020 Annalisa Johnson

11th. Disney parade Tony Martin

11th. I want That Ball said Husky to the Lab John Isles

11th. Small White Butterfly Neville Nicholson

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