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Competition results

May 2020

Because of the Corona virus lockdown, all our activities have to be online at the moment. This month, the idea was to pick a single spot within one´s house, and take two photos in different directions, to see where the imagination led……

Here are all the pairs that were submitted, but then the photos were actually judged singly, so at the end is a list of those who were placed highest….

A. Garden view 1                                     Garden view 2

B Garden man                                         Zoom baby daisy

C My rabbit never wants to play

Why do Greenfly like my roses?

D. Pool and Sea                                     View to the mountains

E. A bit of craft                               Through the kitchen door

F. Bluetit quintet.   Garden at night

G. Terrace view east                            Terrace view west

H. Room with a view….

                    …… Table for one

I. Even beat the Germans to the pool.   Spot the bird

J. Dog´s Dreams                                My dreams

K. Cloudy afternoon                            Mountain view

L. Hope                                               Locked in - locked out

M. 3x3                                                Inside looking out

N. 5 amigos                                        Absolute Beauty

O. Candle on a table…..

              …..Masai Lady

P. Astigi

Q. Raindrops through a sieve

The photos were voted on individually, and the winners were:-

1st = Garden at night - Jim McCarten

1st = Dog´s Dreams - John Campbell

2nd = Astigi - Dave Tyrell

3rd = Hope. Angie Power

3rd = My Dreams - John Campbell

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2nd = Bluetit Quintet   Jim McCarten