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Competition Results June 2015

Lots of photos were judged this month, because in addition to the monthly subject and shoot, we judged photos from the trip to Cartagena.


1st Jane Eskdale

2nd Pat Fulk

Cartagena general

1st = Derek Fulk

1st = John Campbell

2nd = Monique Tovey Mansfield

2nd= Pat Fulk

2nd = Vivienne Ottaway

Cartagena Something Roman

1st Monique Tovey Mansfield

2nd = Liz Fouracre

2nd = Carol Lopez-Le Sueur

Mar Menor - something nautical.

1st John Campbell

2nd = Jane Eskdale

2nd = Carol Lopez- Le Sueur

3rd Loma Rogers

Mini Hollywood - Something Western

1st John Campbell

2nd = Vivienne Ottaway

2nd = Loma Rogers

2nd = Carol Lopez-Le Sueur

Mijas shoot - Something of the pueblo

1st Derek Fulk

2nd John Campbell

3rd Jane Eskdale

3rd = Pat Fulk

Mijas shoot - Something Ceramic

1st John Campbell

2nd Derek Fulk

3rd = Loma Rogers

3rd = Malcolm Bedford

Monthly Topic - Black and White

1st Ken Arnold

2nd Carol Lopez-Le Sueur

3rd Malcolm Bedford

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