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Competition Results

July 2019

Baelo Claudia - museum

1st = Jim McCartan

1st = Tony Martin

3rd John Campbell

Baelo Claudia - Ruins

1st Jim McCartan

2nd John Campbell

3rd = Angela Power

3rd = John Isles

3rd = Scott Morris

Tarifa Beach Scene

1st Jim McCartan

2nd John Isles

3rd Tony Martin

Tarifa Watersports

1st John Isles

2nd Jim McCartan

3rd Martin Collins

Instant Voting

1st Angela Power

2nd John Campbell

3rd Angela Power

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Monthly Subject


1st Jim McCartan

2nd Sally Foyle

3rd Liz Fouracre

Monthly Monochrome

1st Sally Foyle

2nd = Monique Tovey-Mansfield

2nd = Angela Power

3rd Jim McCartan