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Competition Results February 2019

We had three subjects from the visit to the olive oil factory - the museum, the factory itself and a monochrome of either.

The Museum

1st Monique Tovey-Mansfield

2nd Sally Foyle

3rd = John Isles

The factory

3rd = John Campbell

1st John Campbell

2nd Chris Barnes

3rd Sally Foyle

Olive factory - Monochrome

1st John Campbell

2nd Sally Foyle

3rd Monique Tovey-Mansfield

Monthly subject - Street Scenes

1st John Campbell

2nd Jim McCartan

3rd John Isles

Monthly Monochrome

1st Jim McCartan

2nd John Campbell

3rd John Isles

Instant Judging photos

Each photo was shown for just 15 seconds and then a vote was taken by showing fingers, 1 to 5. Some of the votes were very close.

1st = Jim McCartan - Jerez racing

1st = Steven Murphy  Boatman

2nd = John Isles - Bandolero

2nd = Leon Patras - Giddy up

3rd = Chris Appleton

3rd = John Campbell - Cosy evening

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