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Interclub Battle 2016

The total scores this year were:

Shutterbugs (Bugs) - 192

Lake Vinuela Photographic Club - (LVPC) - 186

Costa Camera Club - Nerja (CCC) - 181

Costa de Sol Photographic Society - (CPS) - 172

On the captions below each photo, you can see the title, the club and the score that the judge awarded.

I have scanned in the notes that the judge made.

He used the criteria of :

Impact - initial impression

Composition - leading lines etc

Creativity - imagination

Technique - focus, exposure

He awarded marks out of 10 for each category, and then divided the result by 2, as he was told to mark out of 20.

You can download the score sheet here  

It probably works best if you download the PDF and print it, then you can look at the scores of each picture as you go through the slide show.