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Competition Results April 2018

We had a guided tour of some interesting places in Coín. We were really lucky to be escorted by Laura, who lives in Coín and knew all the best places to show us. The tour resulted in four topics:-

The old Convent. This is now used as municipal offices, museum and exhibition halls.

1st John Campbell

3rd Liz Fouracre

The Church. The priest is an avid falconer and breeds birds. He brought two birds outside for us to photograph - the rest of his birds were hidden away, nesting.

1st John Campbell

2nd Sally Foyle

3rd = Jane Eskdale

3rd = Jim McCartan

3rd = Anna-Lisa Johnson

The Mill. This is a very old mill which is still working, but now powered by electricity. There are two stone wheels that grind the flour, of which they make several kinds.

1st Anna-Lisa Johnson

2nd John Campbell

Bakery. This has been run by the same family for some 200 years. The only electricity used is for lighting. All the kneading etc is done by hand and the oven is heated by burning wood.

1st Jim McCartan

2nd = Jane Eskdale

2nd = Anna-Lisa Johnson

3rd John Campbell

Monthly subject -Trains, Planes and Automobiles

1st Moey Goldberg

2nd Jim McCartan

3rd Anna-Lisa Johnson

Monthly Monochrome

1st Jim McCartan

2nd John Campbell

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2nd Jim McCartan