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While we are not able to have home meetings nor shoots, in the flesh as were, we are trying to keep the group going by different online activities..

Here is my contribution - some little “Techie Talks” showing some hot hints!! I use Affinity Photo 100% of the time, but much of what I will try and show is applicable to most photo processing programs.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome, either by email or Whatsap

Jim´s Buttons. This is about a topic that came up at the last physical home meeting, where Jim explained how much he used the buttons in the top right corner, when processing RAW images, to show highlights or shadows being clipped.


Layers. A brief presentation to introduce the concept of layers. Once we understand what layers are, we will see in future videos how we can use them to our benefit.


Revisiting the photo from “Jim´s Buttons” and seeing how the use of layers can help us to continue processing this photo.


Editing a snowy scene - this was done on the request of a friend who wanted help in editing a very high contrast snow scene. In this one we can learn how we are able to edit two or more sections of a photo in separate processes


I was askedby a member to have a go at explaining Blend Modes, so here we go…..


I had another special request, this time to give some hints and tips on “Colour Popping” - that is to colour in some small details on a monochrome print……


Here is a short video on Stacking, as a way to get rid of unwanted motion or, for example people crossing the scene.