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Mentoring and tuition.

Starting in 2019, there will be available one-on-one tuition on a variety of topics. These are done specifically to your needs, but can include the following topics:-

Get to know your camera - what do all the knobs do and why?

How and why to shoot in RAW instead of JPEGS - most cameras have the function to take both at the same time.

Basic computer skills - how to organise and manage your photos on the computer. How to change the names of photos and files.

How to get the best out of your photos by processing - we can cover Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, or the current favourite, Affinity Photo.

Tutorials can be done varying from simple processing and cropping, through to advanced techniques of many kinds. These are set up to cover just the topics in which you are interested.

Small group Workshops.

These can be for individuals or for small groups of two to four people. They can be in the form of mentoring sessions, discussing technical aspects of taking or processing photos, or there can also be the possibility to go on special shoots, such as:

Photographing things in motion, maybe racing cars, motor bikes, mountain bikes, horses, dogs etc.

Night photography - both landscapes at night or stars, light painting, street photography at night.

Landscapes - how to take great landscape photos

Macro and close-up photography - how to take macro photos and how to do focus-stacking to increase depth of field.

Flash photography - using off camera flash. What is and why use second curtain flash? Using flash to stop motion, such as drops splashing in water.

For these courses there will be a nominal charge made, mainly to cover expenses. For more details send an email  

Changing your snapshots into great photos.