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Competition Results May 2015

This month we had in effect, a double competition. We did the usual votes by all members present, but also, Ken Arnold, a retired professional photographer who recently re-joined the ‘bugs, picked his winners and gave us his critique of the photos.

In some cases the results were the same, but where they varied, I have included Ken’s choice after the normal members voted selections.

Álora - architecture.

1st John Campbell

2nd Jane Eskdale

3rd Pat Fulk

Ken’s 1st Choice - Carol Lopez-le Suer

Álora Street Scenes

1st John Campbell

2nd Monique Tovey Mansfield

3rd place on the club vote, but Ken’s 1st place

Carol Lopez-Le Suer

Ken’s 2nd place - John Isles

Ken’s 3rd place

Derek Fulk

Poster advertising flower bulbs or seeds.

Runaway winner. 1st choice on club vote and Ken’s 1st choice.

Jane Eskdale

2nd choice on club vote and from Ken

Liz Fouracre.

3rd choice on the club vote. Moey Goldberg.

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