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From time to time we will add items of interest that you can download for your information.

These are uploaded as pdf files, which you can open with Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this program, then click here to download your own free copy.

At one of our home meetings, Nadja gave an interesting talk on Cropping and Composition. Click here to download a pdf of her notes.

Some folks are having problems sending in their photos. Here is a quick and easy way to send large files easily and quickly. Click here for instructions.

Here is a very clever simulator for practicing with your camera. You can change the f stop, the iso, the shutter speed and see at once how one affects the others.

You can also change the lighting conditions, your distance from the subject and the focal length of the lens.

It is not only very informative, and clever, but it is fun to play with it. Click here to go to the webpage

Here are some handy tables showing you the effects of different f stops, shutter speeds and iso speeds. Click here to download a copy you can print and carry with you.

Here are some notes giving guidelines for judging photos. If we bear these in mind while taking photos, we can probably take better photos than just clicking away merrily. Click here to download the pdf

Here you can download the presentation that Nadja gave us, showing how our eyes want to scan a photo from left to right. Often a photo can be made “stronger” just by doing a horizontal “flip”, or, of course, taking this into consideration before you press the shutter!

Click here to download a PDF of her presentation

We talked at one meeting, about how to get the best focus for landscape shots, or indeed any situation that needs a big depth of field with the focus.

Click here to download a summary of what we talked about.